Event Tag: Autumn Blossom

️Autumn Blossom (Orange, Purple, Red) Abandoned Railway Trek️/武田尾紅葉ハイキング THIS IMPRESSIVE TAKEDAO WALK HAS SO MUCH TO OFFER DURING THE AUTUMN LEAVES!!! The range of coloration is ASTOUNDING:)  武田尾温泉は関西の奥座敷と呼ばれた古くからの風光明媚な観光地です。紅葉も見ごろを迎えている季節。鄙びたJRの廃線と美しい渓谷を見ながらゆったりハイキングをしましょう。 Come join us on a unique, picturesque hike which includes 5 tunnels, 7 bridges, follows the stunning Mukogawa river, and mountainous terrain in the distance!!! It has … Continue reading “Autumn Blossom Abandoned Railway Trek/武田尾紅葉ハイキング”

🕊️🌳Lost Paradise: Myoken & surroundings. Autumn Bliss/妙見山紅葉ハイク🌳🕊️ We will be just in time for the autumn colors. This place is a forgotten paradise….i went there again last week and only saw a few people!!! I like this place soooo much i want a buy a house here one day:)  Nearby Osaka but feels like your … Continue reading “Lost Paradise: Myoken & surroundings. Autumn Bliss/妙見山紅葉ハイク”