🗾Incredible Turquoise Colored River Hike ターコイズリバーハイク#4🗾 このイベントには英語話さなくていいよ。何人か全く英語話せないよ!!:) 半分外国人と半分日本人参加するので、メッチャいい雰囲気あります。ハイキングに興味があれば、是非来てください:)よろしくお願い致します。 SOME OF THE MOST INCREDIBLE TURQUOISE WATER YOU WILL SEE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. It’s a big statement…but i will show you the proof on the walk……….let us take you on a journey into reallll nature:) Check our photos of the previous time we went here: … Continue reading “Incredible Turquoise Colored River Hike / ターコイズリバーハイク#4”

🇺🇸🌍🔌 4TH JULY BBQ LUNCH (HOTDOGS, RIBS ETC + 3 DRINKS ) #8🌍🔌 日本語下にあります **:) もう7人申し込みしました:) Lets celebrate America’s independence with a traditional AMERICAN BBQ😀 at our “Nara Forest Villa” with a 1/2 hectare of property!!:) Lets of my American friends are coming….Terri, John, Camille & Damien **Nara property has just become COMPLETELY RENOVATED: New … Continue reading “4TH JULY BBQ LUNCH (HOTDOGS, RIBS ETC + 3 DRINKS ) #8”