07/07/2019 Tanabata Hike: Kifune

07/07/2019 Tanabata Hike: Kifune

07/07/2019 Tanabata Hike: Kifune

Thank you for coming this hike.

Please post some reviews of our hike on TripAdvisor!

Next Hike is …

Inunaki Nature Walk & Rock Pools/犬鳴山川歩きハイキング

The Kansai Hikes received “2019 Certificate of Excellence” on the world’s largest travel review site, TripAdvisor!
The Certificate of Excellence is given to selected accommodations, attractions, and restaurants that have consistently offered the best in hospitality.

世界最大の旅行口コミサイト、トリップアドバイザーで Kansai Hikes が「2019年 エクセレンス認証(2019 Certificate of Excellence) 」を受賞しました!
Certificate of Excellence (エクセレンス認証) は一貫して最高のホスピタリティを提供し続けている、厳選された宿泊施設、観光名所、およびレストランに与えられます。

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