Events at Kintetsu Nanba station

🚶🚶48 WATERFALLS & CANDLE LIGHT UP DAY TRIP🚶🚶 ほんとうに英語しゃべらなくていいよ:)ハイキングに興味があれば、参加してください。 Do you like waterfalls? This place will blow your mind!! Well, this hidden gem has 48,  YES 48 gorgeous waterfall of various sizes, widths, plunges and waterflows!!!! TO EXPERIENCE THIS EVENT PLEASE SEE THE YOU TUBE VIDEO I MADE: Join us on our DAY trip to … Continue reading “48 WATERFALLS & CANDLE LIGHTUP DAY TRIP/赤目四十八滝キャンドルナイト”

🚶🚶48 WATERFALLS AUTUMN LEAVES DAY TRIP/赤目四十八滝紅葉ハイキング🚶🚶 ほんとうに英語しゃべらなくていいよ:)ハイキングに興味があれば、参加してください。  So it’s the beginning of the 紅葉 (AUTUMN LEAVES) Season in the outskirts of Kansai. IN THIS AREA THE LEAVES GET RED ONE MONTH EARLIER THAN OSAKA…….SO THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME TO SEE THE LEAVES TURN A STUNNING RED!!! So we are going back to this place … Continue reading “48 WATERFALLS AUTUMN LEAVES DAY TRIP/赤目四十八滝紅葉ハイキング”

🌄Spendid Nara escape (Peaceful & no crowds)/奈良若草山ハイキング🌄 We will NOT go to the busy Daibutsu (big buddha) NOR other famous spots like Todaiji Temple in central Nara: Its too busyyyy:( We will take you off the beaten path and feel the peace and harmony, amazing views and fresh air of the serene nature of Nara….and … Continue reading “Spendid Nara escape/奈良若草山ハイク”

🐟A walk in the countryside: Koi & Goldfish farms + museum/鯉ファームウォーキング🐟 Are you fascinated by Koi as much as me? I love them and they symbolize Japan well: gracious, elegant and peaceful. We will visit a koi & gold fish farm. Note that the koi are juvenile and not fully grown as they are sold … Continue reading “A walk in the countryside:Koi farms/鯉ファームウォーキング”

🌸A Walk to see the vistas/シークレットハイキング🌸 NOTE: If your interested in this walk, please press “Going”. When i put up the full info and you decide you don’t want to join, just take your name off….simple:) SEE OUR ALL OUR PHOTOS OF PREVIOUS HIKES: ❂ Visit a peaceful lake…away from the crowds:) VIDEO: ❂ … Continue reading “A Walk to see the vistas/シークレットハイキング”

🍓 Freshly Picked Strawberries Hike🍓 DELICIOUS, FRESHLY PICKED (in the morning) Strawberries from a strawberry farm, combined with a hike!!! Thats a good day yeah?:) Actually this is your last chance to eat strawberries this year as its the end of the strawberry season!!! If you think that there is no difference between freshly picked … Continue reading “Freshly Picked Strawberries Hike”

⛲SUBLIME 48 WATERFALLS & NINJA HISTORY WALK/赤目四十八滝ハイキング🐱‍👤 ほんとうに英語しゃべらなくていいよ:)ハイキングに興味があれば、参加してください。 NOTE: Just for THIS trip….we will have a Japanese Ninja guide, Issei Takehara(wrote a thesis and several University papers about “the way of the ninja”), who will give us a historical look and explanation of this place they call “the home of the ninja”. SEE PHOTOS OF … Continue reading “Sublime 48 Waterfalls & Ninja History Walk/赤目四十八滝ハイキング”