Events at Terminus Osaka

🍖Exotic Food – Ostrich ダチョウ& Crocodile Rooftop Grill!! This one is for all the FOOD LOVERS or adventurous types!!! NOTE: IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS IN JUNE YOU GET 20% DISCOUNT!! NOTE: MOST PEOPLE HAVE JOINED UP (already 17 people!!!)  THOUGH OUR MAIN PAGE (go there to see who are coming): (VIDEO: This was a … Continue reading “Dinner Party/国際交流フードパーティ”

🍨🍦ICE CREAM PARTY (& Gelato, Sherbet, Sorbet)ON THE ROOFTOP 🍨🍦 NOTE: CURRENTLY 11 PEOPLE FROM OTHER SITES ARE COMING!!!!:) Our main site is TO GET AN EXPERIENCE OF ONE OF OUR ROOFTOP PARTIES ARE LIKE CHECK HIS YOU TUBE VIDEO:    EVERYONE this will be our very FIRST Ice cream Party!!!! Its so bloody hot….we … Continue reading “🍨🍦ICE CREAM PARTY/国際交流フードパーティ”

🍾🍷WINE & CHEESE PARTY #2🍷🍾 このイベントには英語話さなくていいよ。うまいワイン飲んで:) THIS IS A VERY POPULAR EVENT LAST TIME WE HAD ALMOST 90 PEOPLE!!!  (PIC: POSTER OF EVENT) This time we will have a few wine connoisseur friends with us to tell you about the fruit, body, sweetness and acidity!!!! I feel this is very important cause I myself know … Continue reading “🍾🍷WINE & CHEESE PARTY/ワインチーズパーティ”