Events at Safari Bar and Dining

GOING to this event! 96+ 🍀Osaka Multilingual Gathering (OMG)/大阪多言語交換パーティ35!! PPL FROM SPAIN FREE!!🍀 日本語下にございます EXPECTING ABOUT 150 ~200 people!!!!! We get this number on average every month!! ITS AN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE EXCHANGE. WE have 8 MULTILINGUAL STAFF (ALL prolific language speakers, trilingual or better) who assist YOU to learn your chosen language!!!:) Please see our … Continue reading “Multilingual Party/多言語交換#35”

GOING to this event! 34+ 🦃Traditional American Christmas Roast Turkey Dinner/クリスマスターキーディナー2018🦃 下に日本語あります。 NOTE: WE HAVE ABOUT 13 PEOPLE GOING NOW FROM ALL SITES:) NOTE: SEE OUR PREVIOUS TURKEY DINNER EVENTS: Don’t want to be alone on Christmas night??? Come join us for a amazingly tasty roast turkey dinner:) THIS WAS OUR LAST TURKEY DINNER VIDEO … Continue reading “Traditional American Christmas Roast Turkey Dinner/クリスマスターキーディナー2018”

GOING to this event! 52+ NEW YEARS EVE PUB CRAWL (MON) 大晦日パブクロール・パーティー(月)/大阪国際交流パーティ Welcome to the MONDAY Night New Years Eve Osaka Pub Crawl!!! JOIN the Osaka Pub Crawl for your NEW YEARS EVE party! What better way than to bar hop the hottest bars and clubs in the heart of Osaka with 200+ other crawlers! … Continue reading “Osaka Pub Crawl /大阪国際交流パーティ#224”