Events at Ryokuchi Koen Station

🎉Golden Week Kebab BBQ and drinks/G.W. ケバブBBQ🎉 WAITING LIST: Almost always at least 4 or 5 people have an urgent matter to attend so please go on the waiting list if now there are no availabilities. Most likely a position will open up:) THESE ARE OUR PHOTOS FROM OUR PREVIOUS BBQ`S: Its Golden Week … Continue reading “Golden Week Kebab BBQ and drinks/ケバブBBQ”

🌳 3 Tasty International Style Egg 🍳 Sandwiches🌞 Picnic /サンドイッチ・サンデーピクニック🌳 🌳 CHECK OUR FACEBOOK PAGE for an idea here: Beside enjoying picnic with Awesome people why would you eat egg sandwiches? Because the picture says so 😛 Nah— A picnic without sandwiches feels empty. Normal egg sandwiches are just a everyday normal meal. It’s … Continue reading “3 Tasty International Style Egg Sandwiches Picnic /サンドイッチサンデーピクニック”