Events at Pig & Whistle

Kyoto Pub Crawl: Independence Day Party!京都パブクロール: インディペンデンス・デー! Guess what pub crawlers?? It’s that time of the year again, Fourth of July!! In honor of those who served for us and to commemorate the Independence Day of America, lets make a toast and drink the beautiful night away! フォース・オブ・ジュライって言ったら アメリカの独立記念日をお祝うパーティーさ!今週末もたくさんの外国人の方と仲良くなって朝まで飲み続けようぜ! **Its not actually on July 4th, … Continue reading “Kyoto Pub Crawl/国際交流パーティ#2”

Kyoto Pub Crawl Hawaiian Party! (SAT) 京都パブクロール ハワイアン パーティー(土) From the crazy people who brought Tokyo and Osaka Pub Crawl! Get ready to Crawl in KYOTO! This will be our 3rd official event since the big launch! Come out and party with the locals,we guarantee you’ll have a memorable night!! Information for the theme is … Continue reading “Kyoto Pub Crawl/国際交流パーティー#3”

Lantern Party! (SAT) 提灯パーティー!(土)Sponsore­­­­­­d by Jägermeister! 今週末は満月もあるということで提灯パーティーを企画しましたー!提灯をイメージした暖かい色を着て、皆で朝まで飲みまくろう!   Come out for this weekends LANTERN party! We’re expecting a full moon to rise so let’s howl the night away and get our drinks on!  Our only goal is to show everyone a great time, and by the end of the evening feel part of a big … Continue reading “Kyoto Pub Crawl/国際交流パーティ#4”