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INSTANT NOODLE MUSEUM & IKEDA CASTLE PICNIC(incl. Museum entry & lunch) Ikeda City in Osaka…is famous for the inventor of Instant Noodles and Ikeda castle!!! We will go to both of these places:)    (VIDEO: Of the “Make your own flavor of Instant Ramen” section of the museum. Of course this is included in the … Continue reading “Ikeda Castle Picnic/池田城ピクニック”

🌲The Beauty of Ishikiri – Trail Hike. (15min from Namba)🌲 NOTE: THERE ARE ALWAY AT LEAST 3 or 4 PEOPLE WHO SUDDENLY CANCEL SO PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME ON THE WAITING LIST PLEASE:)  Refresh your mind on this breathtaking walk up the mountain ranges separating Nara and Osaka prefectures!!! This is a land of beauty….both … Continue reading “Ishikiri Trail Hike/石切ハイキング”

KOYA SAN- JAPAN`S LARGEST (& MOST INCREDIBLE) CEMETERY, DAY HIKE  THIS WILL BE OUR VERY FIRST DAY TOUR:) Again, we will NOT visit a touristic, famous area. Somewhere off the beaten path. Somewhere where Japanese nor tourists have been!!!  The cemetery of Koya san. Not only the largest but one of the oldest, most beautiful … Continue reading “Koya San Day Hike/高野山ハイキング”

Gorgeous Hozanji Temple Late Afternoon Hike-Free drinks at mountain side housing もちろんこのイベントは英語話さなくていい。ハイクに興味があったら、来てください:) WE ARE STOPPING OVER AT A FRIENDS SUPER SPACIOUS PLACE (WHICH HAS 2 BALCONIES) HALF WAY UP THE MOUNTAIN!!!!!  THIS PLACE IS ONLY 20 MINUTES FROM NAMBA STATION IN CENTRAL OSAKA!!!! VERY NEARBY:) EVERY PERSON WHO HAS COME TO THIS PLACE HAS SAID … Continue reading “Hozanji Temple Hike/宝山寺ハイキング”

🎎Katsuoji Shrine DAY Hike ( incl. Daruma doll, Lunch, Temple entry fees)/勝尾寺デイハイク🎎 Im excited to show you this great mountain hike which goes into the deep gorgeous forest to see the stunning rarely trekked paths. ….. with a short stop off at Katsuoji Temple (the 400yen entry fee IS INCLUDED in the entry price) Lets … Continue reading “Katsuoji Temple Day Hike/勝尾寺ハイキング”

️Abandoned Takedao Railway Trek️ Well its Marine Day in Japan!! So you need to get your shoes on and move those legs on a relaxing, short, picturesque hike:)  TO EXPERIENCE WHAT ONE OF OUR HIKE ARE LIKE PLEASE VIEW THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO: (PIC: One of the many tunnels along the hike…overgrown, the trees have reclaimed..) Located not … Continue reading “Railway Trek/武田尾ハイク”

Ikeda Forest Trail hike (+ Entry to Ikeda Castle) 英語話さなくていいよ!!!:) This trek crosses right across from Ikeda up the mountain side and then loops around. Its a great hike but can be completed by anyone with an average level of fitness. Lets escape the bustle of Osaka and feel the serenity and peacefulness of an … Continue reading “Ikeda Forest Hike/五月山ハイク”

🔦FACINATING CAVE HIKING COURSE🔦 WE ALREADY HAVE 21 PEOPLE COMING FROM OUR MAIN WALKING/HIKING PAGE (please see who are coming):www.meetup.com/RealWalksHikesandTours/events このイベントには英語話さなくていいよ。何人か全く英語話せない!!:) 半分外国人と半分日本人いるので、メッチャいい雰囲気あります。よろしくお願い致します。 So lets do something a bit different. Its so humid and hot we dont want you to walk too far….this is only a 7.5km trip and is MOSTLY IN THE SHADE of the … Continue reading “CAVE HIKING/洞窟ハイキング”

🌌Night Minoh Waterfall Hike..illuminations­­!!!!!🌌 Join us on a night walk with illuminations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before getting back to work or study you need to refresh you mind, body and soul hahaah. Come with us and we’”ll make it happen:) (PIC: Night illuminations, last year was fantastic, we had 26 people come!!) Minoh waterfalls is FANATASTICALLY beautiful. BUT … Continue reading “Night Minoh Waterfall Hike..illuminations­­/箕面の滝ナイトウォーク”

🚶🚶48 WATERFALLS & CANDLE LIGHT UP DAY TRIP🚶🚶 ほんとうに英語しゃべらなくていいよ:)ハイキングに興味があれば、参加してください。 Do you like waterfalls? This place will blow your mind!! Well, this hidden gem has 48,  YES 48 gorgeous waterfall of various sizes, widths, plunges and waterflows!!!! TO EXPERIENCE THIS EVENT PLEASE SEE THE YOU TUBE VIDEO I MADE: Join us on our DAY trip to … Continue reading “48 WATERFALLS & CANDLE LIGHTUP DAY TRIP/赤目四十八滝キャンドルナイト”