Event Tag: 飲み放題

🌴🍹HAWAIIAN 1300yen ALL YOU CAN DRINK WITH FOOD/1300円飲み放題パーティ#2🍹🌴 日本語下にある。このイベントは英語話さなくていいよ。英語いらん(笑) This is our LAUNCH partyyy:) The first Wednesday drinking partyyy…. 3 HOURS ALL YOU CAN DRINK!!! PLUS FOOD ( Gyoza, barbequed chicken, American dog, fried chicken) ALL FOR ONLY 1300yen….what a bargain!!!!!!!!!! AND we will provide Hawaiian Leis:) We start at 7:45pm….come early and you can … Continue reading “1300yen All You Can Drink With Food / 1300円飲み放題パーティ#2”