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GOING to this event! 0 ️Autumn Blossom (Orange, Purple, Red) Abandoned Railway Trek️/武田尾紅葉ハイキング THIS IMPRESSIVE TAKEDAO WALK HAS SO MUCH TO OFFER DURING THE AUTUMN LEAVES!!! The range of coloration is ASTOUNDING:)  武田尾温泉は関西の奥座敷と呼ばれた古くからの風光明媚な観光地です。紅葉も見ごろを迎えている季節。鄙びたJRの廃線と美しい渓谷を見ながらゆったりハイキングをしましょう。 Come join us on a unique, picturesque hike which includes 5 tunnels, 7 bridges, follows the stunning Mukogawa river, and mountainous terrain … Continue reading “Autumn Blossom Abandoned Railway Trek/武田尾紅葉ハイキング”

GOING to this event! 40+ 🍁🏞️Takatsuki Riverside Walk: Refresh/高槻摂津峡紅葉ハイキング🏞️🍁 Witness the beginning stages of the autumn leaves….a place known for its gorgeous colored leaves 全部のハイクには英語話さなくていいよ:) NOTE: PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME ON THE WAITING LIST AS THERE ARE ALWAYS A FEW WHO CANCEL AT THE LAST MINUTE:) This really is a special place…and its in Osaka!! … Continue reading “Takatsuki Riverside Walk: Refresh/摂津峡紅葉ハイキング”

GOING to this event! 61+ 🍂🕊️Autumn Foliage: Myoken & surroundings Day Hike/妙見山紅葉ハイキング🕊️🍂 NOTE: This place gets red and orange tinged leaves very early…so this is the PERFECT time to go:) NOTE: Already 8 people have joined through our main website of: www.oppleosaka.com (http://www.oppleosaka.com/) PLEASE SEE PHOTOS OF PAST EVENTS: https://www.facebook.com/pg/oppleosaka/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1951945465057717 This place is a forgotten paradise…. I like … Continue reading “Autumn Foliage: Myoken & surroundings Day Hike /妙見山紅葉ハイキング”

GOING to this event! 48+ 🍁🌉Longest wooden footbridge in Japan Trek/星のブランコ紅葉ハイキング🌉🍁 IF YOU WANT PROOF HOW GOOD THIS PLACE IS CHECK THESE PHOTOS OUT, BLOWS YOUR MIND DOESNT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Autumn Leaves here we are……one of the most spectacular places to see the orange leaves:) SEE OUR PHOTOS OF PREVIOUS HIKES https://www.facebook.com/pg/oppleosaka/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1931402133778717 If you like long … Continue reading “Longest wooden footbridge in Japan Trek/星のブランコ紅葉ハイキング”

GOING to this event! 44+ 🍁⛲MINOH WATERFALLS WALK NEW OFF MAIN PATH COURSE/箕面の滝紅葉ハイキング2018⛲🍁 This is an amazing place to see the Japanese maple tree shimmer shades of red, yellow and orange. NOTE: We will not do the whole course THIS LINK IS TO THE PHOTOS TO ALL THE HIKES WE HAVE HAD TO MINOH: https://www.facebook.com/pg/oppleosaka/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1934566020128995 VIDEO, … Continue reading “MINOH WATERFALLS WALK NEW OFF MAIN PATH COURSE/箕面の滝紅葉ハイキング”

GOING to this event! 45+ 🍁🛤️Red & Purple Abandoned Railway Trek/武田尾紅葉ウォーキング🛤️🍁 NOTE: The above map in incorrect. This is the correct map link: goo.gl/a8g89M Lets celebrate the autumn leaves season by viewing the red/orange/purple leaves:) Come join us on a unique, picturesque hike which includes 6 tunnels, 7 bridges, many water features and follows the … Continue reading “Red & Purple Abandoned Railway Trek/武田尾紅葉ウォーキング2018”

GOING to this event! 36+ 🍂The Beauty of Ishikiri – Trail Hike. (15min from Namba)/生駒石切紅葉ハイキング🍂 Autumn, makes this forest even more beautiful. Don’t be shy to join us, most people come alone!:) このハイクに英語話さなくていいよ。森楽しみましょう:)質問あれば、絶対聞いてください。 大阪市内が一望できる奈良生駒の石切にはきれいな紅葉スポットがたくさんあります。紅葉シーズン最後は大阪からすぐ近くの石切でフレッシュハイキングを楽しみましょう!外国人の友達も毎回たくさん参加してくださいます! SEE OUR PREVIOUS PHOTOS OF WALKS HERE: https://www.facebook.com/pg/oppleosaka/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1928237244095206 Refresh your mind on this breathtaking walk up the mountain ranges separating Nara … Continue reading “The Beauty of Ishikiri – Trail Hike/生駒石切ハイキング”

GOING to this event! 33+ 🍁Gorgeous Hozanji Temple Hike: Autumn Bliss/宝山寺紅葉ハイキング🍁 もちろんこのイベントは英語話さなくていい。ハイクに興味があったら、来てください:) THIS IS A WONDERFUL SPOT ……WITHOUT THE PEOPLE….AMONGST THE AUTUMN COLORS PLEASE LOOK AT THE VIDEOS BELOW TO EXPERIENCE WHAT THIS HIKE IS LIKE: 1. Hozanji Temple VIDEO: https://youtu.be/srilvp8778U 2. Great city views VIDEO: https://youtu.be/_gs_L7h_xMY 3. Budoukan (Traditional Japanese sports hall) VIDEO: https://youtu.be/Q4fTcohZDfA … Continue reading “Gorgeous Hozanji Temple Hike: Autumn Bliss/宝山寺紅葉ハイキング”