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🌃Back Street City Tour- By NIGHT !! Includes Dinner/大阪ナイトシティツアー&食べ放題🌃 Not backstreet boys…but back street City Tour!!!! hahahah THESE NIGHT TOURS ARE OUR SPECIALITY…..THESE ARE SOME OF OUR MOST POPULAR TOURS. Come on join us if you have time:) THIS IS SUPER DISCOUNTED….guide AND Dinner included in 2800yen price!!!! OPPLEで大人気のナイトシティツアーです!本当の大阪の夜の街を案内します!! シティウォークの締めくくりは、大阪新世界名物串カツ食べ放題! IM NOT A PROFESSIONAL TOUR … Continue reading “Osaka Back Street City Tour. Includes Dinner/大阪ナイトシティツアー&食べ放題”

🏮Night Zoo, Ghetto & Red Light District walk, Dining at Kushikatsu Restaurant/ナイトズー、新世界ウォーク&串かつ食べ放題🏮 NOTE: By joinning through Meetup you get 1000yen discount. People who pay via our website pay more!! www.backstreetosakatours.com PLEASE PLEASE LOOK AT OUR PHOTOS OF PREVIOUS TOURS: https://www.facebook.com/pg/oppleosaka/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1925004241085173 This is part of the backstreets Osaka Tours……..we want to show you the real Osaka…..NOT what … Continue reading “Night Zoo, Ghetto & Red Light District walk & Dinner/ナイトズー&新世界ウォーク”

🏮Backstreets Tour (includes Kushikatsu Dinner)/大阪バックストリートツアー&串カツ食べ放題ディナー#11🏮 NOTE: If you are a Meetup member you get a 1000yen discount. CHOOSE THE DISCOUNTED TICKET THAT SAYS: “FRIEND OF TOUR GUIDE”….it is only 3800yen NOTE: These tours are for SMALL groups. So only a maximum of 12 people will come. People who visit our website directly pay more!! www.backstreetosakatours.com ) このツアーは大阪に住んでる人もあまりよく知らない、大阪のリアルな姿を見られる … Continue reading “Backstreets Tour (includes Kushikatsu Dinner)/大阪バックストリートツアー#11”