Yoshino Ultimate Cherry Blossom Walk/吉野千本桜ハイク

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🌸Yoshino Ultimate Cherry Blossom Walk!!/奈良吉野千本桜ハイキング🌸



Visiting AN ABSOLUTE PARADISE for Sakura lovers!!!:)

Last year a Youtuber, Lin Nyunt, came to my hike and took some….amazing aerial footage!!! Professional & informative tooo Check it out: https://youtu.be/0xJjoDm-cPw

Just to let you know….this place is in the countryside and blooms later than Osaka…so we should be on time to see some amazing Sakura:)

Mt Yoshino, with around 30,000 trees of 200 varieties, that bloom all over the mountain. THIS IS AN EXTRAORDINARY SHOW PUT ON BY NATURE….my favorite place to see the Sakura:)

1. Valley views from stream: https://youtu.be/at22jfaW0Ug
2. Twisted Tree Forest: https://youtu.be/zHL-s8v-CYg
3. Top of Sakura World: https://youtu.be/0xJjoDm-cPw
4.Kinpusen Temple (World Heritage): https://youtu.be/2pQ4J1Jo0-g

Last year when it blossomed many girls came out in kimonos to stroll amongst the flowers. The spirit of this place is a deep part of why Sakura goes with the small villages seemingly untouched by time.

Apart from the sakura we take you to a hidden gem. An enchanting, mysterious forest where you will find all these twisted and bent tree….real bizzare. Kinpusen Temple will also be visited. The second largest wooden structure in Japan…the size is mezmerising!!! It is the head temple of the branch of the shugendo religion and is a major pligrimage route for their devote followers.

❂View more than 30000, YES 30000 Cherry Blossom trees!!!

❂Enter a mysterious “of the beaten path” lost forest (see video)

❂ Go near the top of the mountain see the awesome views of a field of pink

❂ Visit Kinpusenji (A World Heritage location). You will see Monks at prayer here

❂ Interact with genuinely kind, funny enjoyable people at a great sightseeing spot!

❂ Explore some of the finest wilderness in Japan!!!

❂ Taste some kuzumochi:)

WHO: Everyone…families, kids, travellers, locals

LEVEL: 2.5 out of 5 grade.

1800yen per adult. 600yen for children (This price includes guide on best route around here, array of viewing platforms, Kinpusen World Heritage, hidden forest & sharing great memories with new friends)

REMEMBER PLEASE PAY YOUR OWN TRANSPORT FEE: From Osaka(Abenobashi station) one way will cost 970yen!

WHERE WE WILL MEET: Abenobashi Station (GET OFF AT TENNOJI SUBWAY STATION GO TO EXIT 4…see direction below) at 10:00am. We will meet infront of the “MOS Burger” next to the EAST exit!!!

This is a very useful google map link: http://tinyurl.com/y8acemyc

ACCESS: From Tennoji Subway station….you take exit 4 and turn right and walk 20metres.. Thats it…super simple. It should only take a few seconds!! See you in front of “MOS Burger” near the gates.

WHAT TO BRING: A Camera, water and walking shoes

WHY: To see the ABSOLUTE BEST Cherry Blossoms in your LIFE!!!

CONTACT: Please ask me ANY questions if you have any:)

Andy, (facebook): http://www.facebook.com/andy.opple