Summer Hike (+ Great Canyon Swim Spot)

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🎍Summer Hike (+ Great Canyon Swim Spot) 🎍



Enjoy a promenade through Kyoto’s Great Bamboo Forest and the historic streets of Saga Toriimoto, and then continue over the forested Rokucho Toge Pass into the lush Canyon of Hozukyo for a swim (or just put your feet in the water) in the Katsura River on a hot summer’s day!


This easy 6.5km~ hike affords multiple views of Kyoto’s lush Hozukyo Canyon, the opportunity to put one’s feet in the Katsura River (and swim if you’re brave enough – Careful! There’s a bit of current), a unique photo opportunity with a large collection of Japan’s quirky Tanuki statues, and more.

The ascent up to Rokucho-Toge Pass is an 800 meter long ascent through a forest, and the descent into the Hozukyo is steep and winding. The rest of the tour is flat. We will be on paved roads almost all of the hike.

Please bring comfortable walking or hiking shoes, sunscreen, plenty of water, a bento, a blue tarp or other ground covering for when we eat lunch, and a swimsuit and shoes for the river if you wish to wade or take a dip.

10:45-11:05 – Meet at Shin-Osaka Station outside the Midosuji Line Subway Gates
11:05-11:15 – Proceed to JR Line train to Kyoto.
11:20 – Train departs Shin-Osaka for Kyoto
11:44-11:55- Transfer to Sagano Line at Kyoto Station (we arrive on track 2, our train is on track 33)
11:57 – train departs Kyoto for Saga-Arashiyama
12:10-12:30 – arrive at Saga Arashiyama Station, move to the Saga Arashiyama Tourist Information Center for a look at the steam engines and to use the toilet.
12:30-1:30 – walk from Saga-Arashiyama through the bamboo forest to Saga-Torimoto.
1:30-2:30 – Hike across Rokucho-Toge into the Hozukyo to the Torokko Hozukyo Riverside Station.
2:30-3:30 – lunch and swimming in the Katsura River.
3:30-4:00 – cross the Katsura River have a photo with the giant tanuki statues.
4:00-4:45 hike to Hozukyo Station. Pictures outside and at the station, toilet break.
4:49 Train back to Kyoto.
5:29: Fastest Connection to Shin-Osaka
5:52: Arrive at Shin-Osaka, Otsukaresama

WHERE TO MEET: Meet at Shin-Osaka Station outside the Midosuji Line Subway Gates

WHEN: 10:45am meeting time.

HIKE LEVEL: 1.5 out of 5….Easy:)

WHO CAN COME: Everyone


CONTACT: If you have ANY questions please ask me Bryan: