Events: 24th January 2020

AUSTRALIA DAY Pub Crawl! (FRI) オーストラリア・デイ パーティー(金)/大阪国際交流パーティ Let’s face it, if anyone knows who to pub crawl, its the Australians. Time and time again, Australia has sent its finest pub crawlers to join our party in Osaka, and this weekend we want to say “Thanks, mate!” So grab your boomerang, hop on a crocodile, and … Continue reading “Osaka Friday night Pub Crawl /大阪国際交流パーティ#335”

🎶🎤Osaka Karaoke Night #125 Terrible Singers Welcome/大阪インターナショナルカラオケパーティ!! 🎤🎤 NOTE: The “American Artist” battle theme is only 30 mins…..apart from the 30 mins, you can sing ANY SONG you like!!! In English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French:) イベントには英語話さなくていいよ。何人かすっと日本語しゃべってる。日本語の曲も歌えるね~。来たら?絶対楽しむ:) Its ALL FOR FUN, WE ARE NOT SERIOUS…we are here just for laughs doing Osaka parties in the best … Continue reading “Karaoke Night/カラオケナイト#125”