Events: 11th January 2020

WHITE WINTER pub crawl! (SAT) ホワイト・パーティー!(土)/大阪国際交流パーティ It is officially WINTER time! In honor of the beautiful cold and winter illuminations, we’re bringing you our WHITE WINTER pub crawl party! The concept is simple, wear WHITE! もうすでに冬の時期!寒い中イルミネーションなどアイススケートに行けていますか?冬っということで今回は「ホワイト・ウィンター パーティー」を企画します!コンセプトは簡単、白を着てきてね! We are organizing another Saturday night pub crawl in Osaka and everyone is invited to stop by. You … Continue reading “Osaka Pub Crawl /大阪国際交流パーティ#332”

🍀OsakaMultilingualGathering [OMG]#52!! CHINESE ARE FREE!!🍀 日本語下にございます EXPECTING ABOUT 100 ~150 people!!!!! We get this number on average every month!! ITS AN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE EXCHANGE. Please note that every event theme will change, so next month will be something different. Of course you can speak ANY one of our 6 main languages. WE have 8 MULTILINGUAL … Continue reading “Multilingual Party/多言語交換大阪#52”