Events: 22nd September 2019

GOING to this event! 14+ 🎆🎸ISLAND PRIVATE BEACH MUSIC OVERNIGHT PARTY小豆島プライベートビーチキャンプ2019#2🎸🎆 日本語下にあります Have you ever been on a spectacular private beach…on an island?? Our last Island Private Beach event of 2019!!! This beach also has 300 Hectares of land have been in the same family for generations….most of the forest has never been trekked though….THIS … Continue reading “ISLAND PRIVATE BEACH MUSIC OVERNIGHT PARTY/小豆島プライベートビーチキャンプ#22019”

GOING to this event! 5+ 🥂20 CRAFT BEER & IPA: 2.5hrs ONLY 1900yen!!/クラフトビール飲み放題#8🥂 日本語下にある。このイベントは英語話さなくていいよ。英語いらん(笑) Welcome to our launch party of : “The Craft Beer Session” 20 types of craft beer (includes IPA)….YES 20 TYPES from many countries in the world. You want something a bit special? Every Sunday (after you’ve been working damn hard for … Continue reading “20 CRAFT BEER all you can drink/クラフトビール飲み放題#8”