Events: 11th May 2019

GOING to this event! 58+ HAWAIIAN PUB CRAWL PARTY! (SAT) ハワイアン パーティー!(土)/大阪国際交流パーティ Welcome to the Saturday Night Osaka Pub Crawl もう夏が待ち遠しい!ハワイアンの音楽に乗せて夏の訪れをお祝いしよう!コロナやピーニャコラーダで涼んだら大阪もパラダイスに! オススメ:ビキニ、水着、ハワイアンスカート、ココナッツブラ、アロハシャツ、サングラス、ムームー! Summer is getting closer and we can’t wait! so we’re starting up with a breeze of Hawaiian vibe! enjoy a pina colada or a corona to chill from the heat! Will make sure … Continue reading “Osaka Pub Crawl /大阪国際交流パーティ#262”

GOING to this event! 70+ 🍀Osaka Multilingual Gathering [OMG] #45🍀 日本語下にございます EXPECTING ABOUT 100 ~150 people!!!!! We get this number on average every month!! ITS AN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE EXCHANGE. Please note that every event theme will change, so next month will be something different. Of course you can speak ANY one of our 6 main … Continue reading “Multilingual Party/多言語交換大阪#45”