Events: 21st March 2019

GOING to this event! 19+ 🎎Katsuoji Shrine DAY Hike ( incl. Daruma doll, Lunch, Temple entry fees)/勝尾寺デイハイク🎎 このイベントには英語話さなくていいよ。何人か全く英語話せないよ!!:) 半分外国人と半分日本人参加するので、メッチャいい雰囲気あります。ハイキングに興味があれば、是非来てください:)よろしくお願い致します。 After almost 1.5yrs of being closed to the public, the katsuoji forest hike has finally been reopened to the public!! HERE ARE A FEW PICTURES OF THE PREVIOUS HIKE TO KATSUOJI: (PIC: Check out our … Continue reading “Katsuoji Shrine DAY Hike/勝尾寺デイハイク”

GOING to this event! 6+ Kushikatsu Dinner & Night Zoo Adventure/串カツ&ナイトズー 正直、英語話さなくていいです。いつも全く英語話せないお客様参加しますよ:)よろしくお願いします。 This one is for all you animal lovers….. NOTE: Kids very welcome to come:) PLEASE PLEASE LOOK AT OUR PHOTOS OF PREVIOUS TOURS: So the first stop on this tour is the NIGHT ZOO at Tennoji. This night zoo is only for a … Continue reading “Kushikatsu Dinner & Night Zoo Adventure/串カツ&ナイトズー”

GOING to this event! 10+ 🎲Boardgamers Night #58⏳ 英語話さなくていいよ。ボードゲームかカードゲームに興味があったら、是非参加してください。 NOTE: At the door please say “Im here for the boardgames event” and you will go to the right tables section of this huge bar”. This is a group for ANYONE interested in BOARDGAMES and CARD Games. These are famous games that EVERYONE knows…… …(AND there … Continue reading “Board games Night/ボードゲームナイト#58”

GOING to this event! 54+ FREE International Gathering!! OPPLE Osaka/フリー多言語交換大阪#11 Note: THIS IS A FREE EVENT Note: OPPLE (Osaka Party People & Language Exchangers) is the largest international social gathering group in Osaka and Kansai !!!! With over 300 people every week!!! We like to show our appreciation to you and give you a great … Continue reading “FREE International Gathering/フリー多言語交換大阪#11”