Events: 9th February 2019

GOING to this event! 28+ ⚽Futsal Fun with New Friends/フットサルナイト#1⚽ 皆さん、誰フットサルやりたい? 英語話さなくていいよ。いつも半分日本人と半分外国人参加します:) Hi Everyone, who`s up for some futsal?? We`ll make 3 or 4 teams and we`ll spread the players out so that all teams are equal. ARRIVAL: When you first arrive, get changed and just meet up at the 4th level courts!! WHAT TO … Continue reading “Futsal Fun with New Friends/フットサルナイト#1”

GOING to this event! 56+ Singles Awareness Day aka S.A.D. PARTY! (SAT) シングルズ・パーティー(土)/大阪国際交流パーティ Welcome to the Saturday Night Osaka Pub Crawl もうすぐバレンタインなのに。。相手がいない!?シングルパーティーで甘いバレンタインをゲットしよ〜!独身の方も、もうすでに運命の相手が居る方も大歓迎!来週末はバレンタインなので今夜はシングルのみなさんへ乾杯! Come and join our SAD party (SINGLES AWARENESS DAY) !! Its not as depressing as its sounds. Its actually our Singles Awareness Day for all you people without a Valentines this one is … Continue reading “Osaka Pub Crawl /大阪国際交流パーティ#236”

GOING to this event! 84+ 🍀Osaka Multilingual Gathering#39 /多言語交換大阪!!🍀 日本語下にございます EXPECTING ABOUT 100 ~150 people!!!!! We get this number on average every month!! ITS AN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE EXCHANGE. Please note that every event theme will change, so next month will be something different. Of course you can speak ANY one of our 6 main languages. … Continue reading “Multilingual Party/多言語交換大阪#39”