Events: 19th January 2019

GOING to this event! 6+ 🏮Backstreets Tour (includes Kushikatsu Dinner)/大阪バックストリートツアー&串カツ食べ放題ディナー#19🏮 *このツアーはずっと英語で歴史を説明します。 NOTE: If you are a Meetup member YOU GET A 2000 YEN DISCOUNT. (People who visit our website directly pay more!! ) TOUR HIGHLIGHTS ・Explore a mysteriously gorgeous Red Light District ・Venture into the colorful & intriguing Ghetto area ・Historic facts of a region controlled … Continue reading “Backstreets Tour (includes Kushikatsu Dinner)/大阪バックストリートツアー#19”

GOING to this event! 31+ 400円!Language Exchange Osaka #90(Includes all you can drink!!)/言語交換大阪 Your hosts today will be: *Andy (Half Australian, Half Japanese, Native English, PRETENDS to be fluent in Japanese, Upper level Spanish, and God knows what other languages he could speak hahahaa) “Might be half Australian, but crazy level is 100% ;)” *Kaori … Continue reading “Language Exchange Osaka/言語交換大阪#90”

GOING to this event! 55+ TRAFFIC LIGHT PARTY! (SAT) トラフィック・ライト パーティー(土)/大阪国際交流パーティ Welcome to the Saturday Night Osaka Pub Crawl パブクロールの恒例イベント、トラフィックライトパーティー!恋人がいる人もいない人も素敵な出会いがあるかも?キーワードは恋人募集中はグリーン、恋人のいる人はレッド、微妙な関係はイエローのリストバンド! The sparks will be flying (and hopefully not the hands!) throughout the night, as all SINGLE people will be given a GREEN wristband, all complicated relationships get YELLOW, and all of those who are TAKEN … Continue reading “Osaka Pub Crawl /大阪国際交流パーティ#230”

GOING to this event! 21+ 🍹🤼Sumo Suit Night&All You Can Drink/相撲ファイトナイト&飲み放題#6🤼🍹 Come out for a HILARIOUS night out with us:) We guarantee it, or we return your money! Only ONE time per month so don’t miss out (The 3rd Saturday of each month) 67 people came to our previous event. Mannnny people are coming to … Continue reading “Sumo Suit Night / 相撲ファイトナイト#6”