Events: 31st October 2018

GOING to this event! 47+ 🏓Osaka PING PONG & CHAT #117!! (Winners get a free drink:)/大阪インターナショナルピンポンパーティ🏓 IMPORTANT: This is the map to ABSINTHE WORMWOOD: PPPLLLEASE SEE SOME OF OUR GROUP PHOTOS: TO FEEL WHAT AN EVENT IS LIKE, LOOK AT OUR PING PONG EVENT VIDEO : You CAN’T play ping pong well? You wanna chat … Continue reading “PING PONG & CHAT/卓球ナイト #117”

GOING to this event! 57+ 🎃🎤Halloween Karaoke Night Special!!Terrible singers wanted!! /ハロウィンカラオケパーティ2018🎤🎃 COME DRESSED AS YOUR FAVORITE SINGER!!! BUT MAKE IT HALLOWEEN STYLE. So if you like Bruno Mars come with your uptown funk bling AND fake blood coming out of your EYES!!! hahahaha If you like Michael Jackson…well, he’s is actually normally pretty scary … Continue reading “Halloween Karaoke Night/ハロウィンカラオケパーティ”