Nijozan Hike: 2 Mountains, historic pagodas & Sumo Museum/二上山ハイキング

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⛰️Nijozan Hike: 2 Mountains, historic pagodas & Sumo Museum⛰️



The 2 Summits of Mt. Nijo (O-dake and Me-dake) are a prominent part of the mountain range that divides Osaka and Nara Prefectures. They’re also a fun and beautiful hike!


After conquering these two summits, and enjoying the views over two prefectures, we will visit the historic Taima-dera Temple, the ONLY temple dating from the 8th century to have both of its original pagodas left intact! It’s also home to some other unique and historic architecture.

Finally, enter an authentic sumo arena (built to authentic specifications anyway) for a fun bout with your friends and fellow hikers.

This will be a big day but one we are confident will delight any and all who participate.

Bring a lunch.

Bring water.

Bring appropriate shoes for hiking and appropriate clothes for the weather.

Participation fee: ¥1,500

Train fare: ¥1,070

Sumo museum fare: ¥300

Meet at Osaka-Abenobashi Station 10:45-10:55am

11:04 train to Nijo-Jinjaguchi

11:40am start hiking

12:30~1:00 lunch on the top of Mt. Nijo

1:30pm start the descent

2:30 Taima-dera

3pm move to Kehayaza Sumo Museum

3:30~4:15 sumo experience.

4:57 train back to Osaka (~5:35 arrival)

WHERE WE WILL MEET: Abenobashi Station (GET OFF AT TENNOJI SUBWAY STATION & GO TO EXIT 4.) From Tennoji Subway station….you take exit 4 and turn right and walk 20 metres.. Thats it…super simple. It should only take a few seconds!! We will meet infront of the “MOS Burger” next to the EAST exit of Abenobashi station:)

This is a very useful google map link:

CONTACT: Please ask me ANY questions if you have any:)

Bryan, (facebook):