Night Minoh Waterfall Hike..illuminations­­/箕面の滝ナイトウォーク

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🌌Night Minoh Waterfall Hike..illuminations­­!!!!!🌌

Join us on a night walk with illuminations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before getting back to work or study you need to refresh you mind, body and soul hahaah. Come with us and we'”ll make it happen:)

(PIC: Night illuminations, last year was fantastic, we had 26 people come!!)

Minoh waterfalls is FANATASTICALLY beautiful. BUT Its even more spectacular on a cool “illuminations” night. Come with us a see this fantastic light show. This is for a very limited time and this is the best chance to go, together with a large, friendly bunch of people:)

We`ll all meet up at Minoh station at 5:15pm (infront of the gates. There are only one set of gates) and leave as a group to go for the 40 minute walk. This will be a easy and leisurely walk, nothing too difficult about the trip at all. Anyone can walk the slight incline…even young kids!!

As we walk we`ll have a chat and a laugh….and when we get to our goal…. the waterfall that is…. well celebrate our MASSIVE achievement and watch the night waterfalls in its full illumination.

If its a hot night and you want to jump in the water….please do hahaha


❂ See the waterfall illuminated….a truly SPECTATULAR view.

❂ Win one of 10 free ice creams if you can answer a waterfall quiz question!!!’:P Its a super EASY question!!!!!

❂ Get a pat on the back after completing the walk:P

❂ Interact with genuinely kind, funny enjoyable people at a great sightseeing spot!

PARTICIPATION FEE: 1200yen per adult. 300yen for children ( can get a ice cream if you answer a quiz question)

WHO: Anyone can attend, kids, adults…:)

WHY: Cause its a place of serenity:P

CONTACT: Andy, (facebook):

Eat, walk , Mingle, Make new friends, and Cause a little mischief 😛


From Umeda in central Osaka, take the Hankyu Takarazuka Line from Hankyu Umeda Station to Ishibashi Station (15 minutes) and transfer to the Hankyu Minoh Line to Minoh Station (5 minutes). The entire one way trip takes about 25 minutes, costs 270 yen.