MONKEY MT HIKE/嵐山モンキーパークハイク

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🐒MONKEY MT HIKE/嵐山モンキーパークハイク🐒

So im really into exploring the hidden, unknown parts of Kansai but……….. i love cheeky monkeys hahah ssoo…. 

we will go to a famous spot in Kansai where we will walk up a mountain to see some super cute, friendly monkeys!!!



(PIC:  This is at the top of the mountain where all the monkeys come)

After we will visit a HIDDEN GEM 秘境 where you can see some incredible nature….a forest walk where you’ll hear nothing but the birds sing and the leaves sway!!! A few of the leaves are already turning red for the autumn foliage!! 

(PIC:  Walking along a river lost it the wilderness)

Finally we`ll see a bamboo forest…which creates a mezmerising atmosphere…..tall, thin bamboo as far as the eyes can see. 


2.5 out of 5.  Please wear sneakers (NO HEELS).


❂ See friendly monkeys with….a view of Kyoto city on top of a mountain.

❂ Go to a beautiful forest hike viewing with SPECTACULAR views.

❂ Get a pat on the back after completing the walk:P

❂ Interact with genuinely kind, funny enjoyable people at a great sightseeing spot!

(PIC:  Surrounded by bamboos!!) 

PARTICIPATION FEE: 1700yen per person (we will pay for your Monkey Park entry fee!!!!) 

NOTE: Please pay for the train fee

WHERE TO MEET:  Meet us at Hankyu Umeda station ON THE 3rd LEVEL next to the ASNAS convenience store at 1pm  (Many people will go to level 2….but its Level 3 !!) 

If you want to meet in KYOTO please leave a message here and we can organise a spot!!!

WHO: Anyone who loves animals and nature can attend, kids, adults… whoever:)

WHY: Cause its a great refreshing day out.

CONTACT: Andy, (facebook):

Walk , Mingle, Make new friends, and Cause a little mischief 😛