Language Exchange Osaka/言語交換大阪#92

400円!Language Exchange Osaka #92(Includes all you can drink!!)/言語交換大阪

Your hosts today will be:

*Andy (Half Australian, Half Japanese, Native English, PRETENDS to be fluent in Japanese, Upper level Spanish, and God knows what other languages he could speak hahahaa) “Might be half Australian, but crazy level is 100% ;)”

*Kaori (Native Japanese, Upper level English)
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”…i stole that from Nelson hahaha. Actually her real hair color is actually blonde!!! Rip a bit out and check m(__)m

*Cecilia (Native Indonesia, Fluent in English, Upper level Japanese) “Impress me with cheesiest pick up line IN a foreign language!”

*Anas (Native Arabic, Fluent English, “Impressive” level Japanese….his Osakaben is EPIC, but his fashion is….crap!!! Make fun of this guy and your on your way to a good life 😛

Well, we gotta have a goal of improving our language skills in 2019 so we can communicate more effectively…..thus more fun:)

ONLY 400yen!!! It includes ALL YOU CAN DRINK (Orange juice, Ginger Ale, Cola, Tea, Water, Coffee)




Any language is fine but we have hosts that can speak Japanese, English and Spanish:)

WE NEED A NEW CHALLENGE!!!! If your a beginner dont worry….we are here to helpppppp:)

400 yen thats all it is and you can be content to learn all you want!! Learn or maintain your speaking skills at this gathering. This is a very relaxed and informal gathering:)

Also ill play a few games to help people mingle and get to know each other:)

Lets just chill out and have fun and talk about whatever comes to mind- sports, current events, daily activities, work (no, not work haha), future vacations and…. how im going to diving into an air gap in a sunken shipwreak:P

LOCATION AND TIME: EVERY SATURDAY at Blarney Stone at 6:00~7:30pm

This is a link to a useful map to Blarney Stone (ITS A MAP IN ENGLISH:

(PIC: a very very useful map and directions)

MY EXPERIENCE: I have owned my own school for more than 2 years in Osaka city, so if you have any particular questions, please ask me. Im more helpful than I look hahahahhahh and im very patient:)

This is the link to my school I also have a school in Higashi Toyonaka that I run 2 days a week.

LEVEL OF MEMBERS: Any level is fine. We even have absolute beginners, So dont be shy. Please dont let your shyness be your excuse not to come!!

PARTICIPATION FEE: Only 400yen!!!INCLUDES ALL YOU CAN DRINK-cola, water,tea,coffee, orange juice and ginger ale

REMEMBER: Many people will come for the FIRST TIME so please have a chat with everyone and make everyone feel welcome. Most new people are very nervous when they first come!!

IMPORTANT YOUTUBE LINK: Please view this to see the type of people who come to our event. Rocks are an asset!!

NOTE: Immediately after the Language Exchange we will be having another event (Pub Crawl) Please join us if your free then too!

CONTACT: Dont hesitate to message or call me, Andy.


We are looking forward to meet and get to know YOU.

If your new to our group and come alone let me know and Ill introduce you to the others:)

This is what a host should do…..make you feel comfortable and relaxed in a new environment!! Lets have FUN and LEARN:)

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