Katsuoji Temple Day Hike/勝尾寺ハイキング

🎎Katsuoji Shrine DAY Hike ( incl. Daruma doll, Lunch, Temple entry fees)/勝尾寺デイハイク🎎

Im excited to show you this great mountain hike which goes into the deep gorgeous forest to see the stunning rarely trekked paths.

….. with a short stop off at Katsuoji Temple (the 400yen entry fee IS INCLUDED in the entry price)

Lets enjoy the day together..here you can forget the bustle of the city and other busy locations and breath the fresh fresh air.

HIKING LEVEL: 2.5 out of 5. Anybody with basic fitness can do this 8km hike however, the path is NOT paved and we are in the forest for the last 4km so you need correct shoes.

You need walking shoes for this hike, NO HEELS. This is a proper hike into the forest!!

(PICTURE: Various locations around the spacious grounds of Katsuoji)

(PIC: Hiking through the thick tree lined forest)


I’m sure your thinking I’ve beento so so many temples already. Let me tell you this is the the best TEMPLE grounds in Osaka….in my opinion!! I’m sure you’ll agree with me:)

This is the temple of “winners luck”. This is the temple that won against the monarches. There is a history of Shoguns and military commanders coming to pray for victory. So you have a sense of the noble company and history of this place. Even today, students come to pray to pass their important exams.

Also people who seek devine help for their businesses, health, protection of there homes and safety in travel often come.

The power begotten by prayer at this temple was said to exceed even that of the Imperial Court. Emperor Seiwa (859-876) thus named it Katsuo-ji : Temple that Wins against Monarchs.

It followed that rulers through the ages, including the Genji clan and the Ashikaga clan, came to pray for the luck to make them victorious. Eventually, people directed their faith toward this temple to allow them to “win” in life.

With the “Winning Daruma (tumbling doll),”your prayers are said to come true.

(PIC: One of Katsuoji`s many many temples)


We will have a half way check point where there are picnic table to eat the lunch (the lunch is included in the cost).

You will be served a LARGE freshly made pita bread with ham(or chicken) and vegetable roll.


The Daruma doll (達磨), also known as a Dharma doll, is a hollow, round, Japanese traditional doll modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism. These dolls are typically red and depicting a bearded man (Dharma).

When you recieve your Daruma doll you will get good luck in what you pray for.

These dolls are super cute too:)

Youll get a Daruma doll that looks a bit like this picture as part of this tour for freeeeeeee:)

(PICTURE: A cute little daruma doll seen at the temple steps)

WHO CAN JOIN: Everyone, absolutely everyone. kids, parents, Japanese, foreigners, families, business people, students…..just anyone who loves nature


– daruma doll figurine,

-ham(or chicken) and vegetable pita bread roll (super healthy and tasty)

-paid entry to Katsuoji grounds and surroundings!!!

– Amazing forest that is rarely trekked,

NOTE: You pay your own bus fee at the end of the tour as we finish at Katsuoji Temple. Costs 520yen for the bus. (You only need to ride the bus one time on this trip.)

WHERE: Meet up at the gates of Minoh train station at 9am. (there are only one set of gates)

WHY: Cause its a beautiful piece of paradise.

CONTACT: Please give me a message with ANY questionssss, if you have any:)

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