Japan’s Oldest Road Walk /奈良桜井ハイキング

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🌻Japan’s Oldest Road Walk/奈良桜井ハイキング 🌻


The Yama no Be no Michi is Japan’s oldest still existing road: It connects present day Nara City with Sakurai City.

We will be leading you through quaint, beautiful farmland & historic villages, and encounters with some unique & cultural sites.

The garden of Chogakuji Temple, the giant keyhole-shaped kofun of two of Japan’s earliest Emperors, and the unique triple torii gates of Hibara and Omiwa Shrines, the predecessor of Ise Jingu and the oldest shrine in Japan repectively, await you as Kansai Hikes explores the southern section of this storied road.

There may even be farm stands offering fresh produce!

Level: The Yama no Be no Michi is mostly flat so an easy hike.

Things to take: Pack comfortable walking shoes, plenty of water, a lunch, your camera, and your sense of adventure:)

Participation Fee: ¥1,500

Entrance to Chogakuji Temple: ¥400

Train fare: ¥1,600 (Osaka-Uehommachi-Miwa, Yanagimoto-Osaka-Uehommachi).

PLEASE SEE A LINK TO OUR PHOTOS OF THIS AMAZING LOCATION: https://www.facebook.com/pg/oppleosaka/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2558945884357669

The Plan:

10:45-11:00: Meet outside the ticket gates on the ground floor of KINTETSU Osaka-Uehommachi Station

11:00: Move to platform

11:11: Kintetsu Line Train leaves for Sakurai.

11:54-11:57: Transfer to JR Line at Sakurai Station

12:01: Arriva at Miwa Station, bathroom break and walk to Omiwa and Sai Shrines.

12:15-1:00: Explore the grounds of Omiwa and Sai Shrines, get fresh mountain spring water at Sai Shrine.

1:00-1:30: Lunch under the sakura at Omiwa Observation Area.

1:30-3:30: Walk the Yama no Be no Michi from Omiwa to Chogakuji, taking in the sights along the way.

3:30-4:15: Explore Chogakuji Temple

4:50: Go to Yanagimoto Station

4:59: JR Line to Sakurai Station

5:02 : Transfer to Kintetsu Line at Sakurai Station

5:43 Arrive at Osaka-Uehommachi Station. Otsukaresama