Ikeda Castle Picnic/池田城ピクニック

Event Details


Ikeda City in Osaka…is famous for the inventor of Instant Noodles and Ikeda castle!!! We will go to both of these places:) 


(VIDEO: Of the “Make your own flavor of Instant Ramen” section of the museum. Of course this is included in the entry price 🙂  woohooo) 

The Inventor of the Instant Noodles , Mr Momofuku Ando`s (Nissin food products) hometown of Ikeda has a museum made for him.  Amazing history of this product…………..

BUT, the best thing is you can MAKE YOUR OWN CUP NOODLES, complete with your OWN FLAVOR…Really a unique, charming museum.

According to a Japanese poll in the year 2000, “the Japanese believe that their best invention of the twentieth century was instant noodles.” As of 2010, approximately 96 billion servings of instant noodles are eaten worldwide every year.   

Considering the world has only 7 billion people….that is roughly about 14 cup noodles packs for each person EVERY year…..ASTONISHING!!!!!  

When was the last time you had cup noodles?  Yesterday hahaha. Well here at this museum you can make your own delicious favor…………..and sell the secret combination of YOUR ingredients to the world hahahah

After we will go to the tiny but gorgeous grounds of the Ikeda castle to eat lunch (NOT CUP NOODLES HAHAH)

 (VIDEO: A group that i took to Ikeda castle and gardens) 


PICNIC MENU: Everyone gets 1 delicious LARGE Chicken and vegetable wrap

LOCATION: Ikeda Hankyu Train Station. There is only one EXIT. I will stand outside the exit with a “Meetup” sign

TIME: 1pm ~4pm

WHO: Anybody can come, even kids

WHY: Cause its a refreshing getaway, outside the city rush….itll clear your mind for the new week to come:) 

ATTENDANCE FEE: 1900yen, 700yen for kids. (Includes entry to Museum, entry to factory area where you make your own noodles, entry to Ikeda castle,  1 Delicious large Homemade Chicken Wrap)

CONTACT: If you have ANY questions, pllllease ask me…im a friendly guy:) 

Andy, (Facebook)