Board games Night/ボードゲームナイト#30

Event Details

🎲Boardgamers Night #30⏳


This is a group for anyone interested in BOARDGAMES.
These are famous games that EVERYONE knows……
…(AND there are couple of boardgames for those nerdy types too hahahah)

Of course if you win one of the main games, you get a FREE drink of your choice:)

If you are Japanese its a great way to use English in a fun way!!

WE HAVE A RANGE OF BOARDGAMES (of course the best):

-Card Games: Daifugo, Asshole, Cambio, Takoyaki, Shithead etc etc

-Ticket to Ride (Europe)

-Monopoly (U.S. version)





-Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

-Wack the Mole

-Connect 4



Poker (no gambling, only winner gets free drink)





-Shuriken Throw

PS:Have we missed any great games????? You can bring your own too:)

Who: About 12~18 people will come

Level: ANY level is fine, for many people it will be their FIRST TIME playing these boardgames!!

Admission Fee: ONLY 500yen to play allll the boardgames you want

Time: 8pm start, but you can come ANYTIME:) Contact: If you have ANY questions pllllease ask me Andy on

See you there:)