Autumn Leaves: World’s ONLY 13 story wooden pagoda Bicycle Trip/談山神社紅葉サイクリング

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🍁📜Autumn Leaves: World’s ONLY 13 story wooden pagoda Bicycle Trip/談山神社紅葉サイクリング📜🍁



The only 13-story wooden pagoda existing in the world! An amazing shrine to visit during autumn leaves 😉
Tanzan Shrine is a Shinto shrine located on the mountain in Sakurai, Nara prefecture.

Now is the season of un-burning fire (紅葉 – koyo). Get surrounded by it among historic 13-story pagodas and incredible mountain scenery.

Tanzan Shrine can trace its history back to the 7th century. It was built to honor and commemorate a 645 coup d’etat that saw a military dictatorship toppled and the imperial family restored to power. It is home to a unique and historic 13-story pagoda and a number of other structures. The grounds of Tanzan Shrine are lined with a great number of Japanese maples and other deciduous trees, and these combined with the glorious mountain scenery of Tonomine Pass make this one of the most spectacular places to enjoy the autumn colors.

In addition to Tanzan Shrine we will also be seeing the rustic and beautiful terraced rice paddies of upper-Asuka, and the phallic and yonic fertility stones of Asuka Ni-imasu Fertility Shrine.

This will be a fun and beautiful excursion but a decent level of fitness is required. We will rent electrically assisted bicycles in Asuka and ride them to Tanzan Shrine at the top of Tonomine Pass. The last 2.5km~3km of this ~5km ride is uphill.



20~25 people, all guests must be fit enough to ride a bicycle a distance of at least 14km over rolling terrain, walk up and down hill and across uneven and potentially slippery terrain. Good walking shoes or hiking boots are necessary. No high heels!

COSTS: Train fare: – ¥1,420 (¥710 each way) Osaka Abenobashi-Asuka,
Electrically assisted bicycle rental: 1,500yen, Entry to Tanzan Shrine: 600yen (please pay yourself).

TOUR FEE: 1800yen (guiding to areas and give you an indepth talk about the history of this region). Unfortunately no kids as its cycling.

NOTE: Bryan Baier will guide this hike. He has worked for Nara Tourism for more than 2 years and possesses a huge amount of knowledge of these incredible areas.

WHERE: Meet at Abenobashi Station. We will meet infront of the “MOS Burger” next to the EAST exit!!! (if your coming from the Midosuji Subway line GET OFF AT TENNOJI SUBWAY STATION GO TO EXIT 4)

WHO: Anyone interested in nature or architecture during Autumn leaves

WHY: Because its stunning during autumn leaves!

CONTACT: If you have ANY questions please contact me via Facebook:

Lets have a great time out with new friends!!:)



場所:近鉄大阪阿部野橋駅 東改札前(モスバーガー前)

参加費:1800円(別途交通費1,420円 (710円 片道) 、電動自転車代: 1,500円, 談山神社参拝料: 600円 かかります。

連絡:Andy, (facebook):


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