Autumn Foliage: Myoken & surroundings Day Hike/妙見山紅葉ハイク

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🍂🕊️Autumn Foliage: Myoken & surroundings Day Hike/妙見山紅葉ハイク🕊️🍂



NOTE: This place gets red and orange tinged leaves early…so this is the PERFECT time to go:)


This place is a forgotten paradise….

I like this place soooo much i want a buy a house here one day:) Nearby Osaka, but feels like your deep in the forest!!

(VIDEO: Views from Mt Myoken)

(PIC: A carpet of complete RED leaves at the top of the mountain)

This place is totally lost to the world…. at the start of the trip we see a town full of amazing traditional abandoned houses. We can freely go searching around these places and see some fantastic HISTORY…….yeap history:)

(VIDEO: Exploring these abandoned houses)

After we will walk a couple of kilometres and arrive at a cable car……Superb views from this very very steep ascent!!!

Finally we will take the final stage to the top by single ski chair lift:) Its a gorgeous long ride (maybe about as long as 10mins, 2km long). The chairs are only about 2/3 metres above the forest floor but still fantastic viewing.

On our return we will drop by a feet onsen….relax and enjoy the peace and harmony while you get your feet soothed in hot water.


❂ Feel the atmosphere of the autumn leaves on a gorgeous hike

❂ See superb views from a cable car (very steep ascent)

❂ Go on a unique single ski chair lift..with scenery

❂ View the AWESOME views from the top of the mountain

❂ Relax in a foot onsen (with amazing 180 degree views near top of the mt) after a days walk

❂ Interact with genuinely kind, funny enjoyable people at a great sightseeing spot

(VIDEO: Hopping on the single seater ski lifts and see the views… about a 2km length ride)

PARTICIPATION FEE: 1500yen per adult. 500yen for children

NOTE: PLEASE PAY YOUR OWN TRANSPORT FEES. This costs 1700yen…I have found this SUPER discounted ticket….you will save about 1300yen using it(Includes return train trip from Osaka~Myoken, return cable car ticket, return single ski lift trip, entry in to foot onsen with magnificent views). I will show you how to get this ticket when you come to the station:)

WHERE: Meet at Hankyu Umeda station on the 2nd floor outside the small ASNAS convenience store, its near the gates. (NOT 3rd floor, it’s the 2nd floor!!!).

WHO: Anyone can attend, kids, adults…:)

WHY: Cause its such a unique place


WHAT TO BRING: A bottle of water, non heel shoes and lunch.

LEVEL: 1.5/5 Super simple

Lets Mingle, Make new friends & enjoy nature:)