2018 LAST Night Zoo, Ghetto & Red Light District walk/ナイトズー&神世界ウォーク

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🏮2018 LAST Night Zoo, Ghetto & Red Light District walk, Kushikatsu Dinner/ナイトズー&神世界ウォーク、串かつディナー🏮

NOTE: By joinning through Meetup you get 1000yen discount. People who pay via our website pay more!! www.backstreetosakatours.com


This is part of the backstreets Osaka Tours……..we want to show you the real Osaka…..NOT what Osaka Tourism wants you to see!!!

We hope its going to be an ….eye opener and give you a wider scope of what Osaka really is about.

So the first stop on this tour is the NIGHT ZOO at Tennoji. This night zoo is only for a limited time during the year. Remember MOST animals at the zoo are nocturnal!!!!!

Then we will walk through Shinsekai to Nishinari (the infamous Ghetto), RED LIGHT DISTRICT. Dont worry youll be safe with us….im a former Police Officer hahaaha….seriously:)

NOTE: Please DONT come if your just interested in the sexual element. This is a look at Japanese culture, NOT to stare at the girls. Actually the building they are in are much more interesting that the girls themselves hahaahah.

After, dine at a kushikatsu (meat skewer restaurant) with all you can eat!!! which will be serving some amazing Japanese food.

This whole tour may seem a bit embarrassing for Japanese people to view this (but you shouldnt be), but this is part of the culture….YES i said CULTURE.

This area has some astonishingly beautiful architecture which is steeped in history!!! AND some really run down areas which havent been preserved or taken care of.

17:30: Meet at Exit 2 of Daikokucho Station (outside)
-Tennoji Zoo entry
– Walk through…
-Daiichi Shotenngai
-Tobita Shinchi (red light district)
-Dinner at Kushikatsu Restaurant

We will go to a famous Kushikatsu restaurant
(deep fried meat and veges on skewers)
You will get ALL YOU CAN EAT kushikatsu for 60mins. THIS INCLUDED IN THE TOUR FEE!! luckyyy:)

You get 1000yen discount. 3800yen
(Other people who book via our site pay 4800yen www.backstreetosakatours.com )

THE TOUR FEE IS ONLY 3800yen through this Meetup page (Includes a Professional guided tour , zoo entry fees, guide through the ghetto and Red Light district, Japanese dinner in a gorgeous location).

NOTE: Many girls come on this tour as they know it’s their only chance to visit these areas with us!

We believe this is a very reasonable price for this sort of event. I hope you can join us on this very unique, eye opening tour.

Daikokucho Station, Exit 2

DIRECTIONS(アクセス):Hop in to the Midosuji Subway Line (The Red Line). This is the main line in the whole of osaka.Get off at Daikokucho and head towards exit 2. Meet us up the stairs and outside near the convenience store.

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