Event Category: ハイキング

⛰️Western Tip Hike (2 mountain peaks, but easy)/五月山・六個山ハイキング ⛰️ 日本語下書いてある😊 Note: this course has just been OPENED up after 4years of being closed due to a typhoon destroying the path! We’ll be hiking over Mount Satsuki and Mount rokka (NOT Rokko). The heights of these moutains are only :315m and 395m Meeting place : Hankyu … Continue reading “Western Tip Hike / 五月山&六個山ハイク”

⛰️Nijozan Hike: 2 Mountains, historic pagodas & Sumo Museum/二上山ハイキング⛰️ このイベントには英語話さなくていいよ。何人か全く英語話せないよ!!:) NOTE: Bryan Baier will guide this hike. He has worked for Nara Tourism for more than 2 years and possesses a huge amount of knowledge of these incredible areas……much more than just a guide!!! 半分外国人と半分日本人参加するので、メッチャいい雰囲気あります。ハイキングに興味があれば、是非来てください:)よろしくお願い致します。 The 2 Summits of Mt. Nijo (O-dake and Me-dake) are … Continue reading “Nijozan Hike: 2 Mountains, historic pagodas & Sumo Museum/二上山ハイキング”