Event Category: All You Can Drink

🌴🍹HAWAIIAN 1300yen ALL YOU CAN DRINK, WITH PIZZA#3🍹🌴 日本語下にある。このイベントは英語話さなくていいよ。英語いらん(笑) Wednesday partyyy……. Note: If youre experiencing Covid symptoms eg. Fever, dry cough etc please don’t attend. Thank you *もしコロナの症状(熱とか咳など)あれば、参加しないでください。ありがとう:) 3 HOURS ALL YOU CAN DRINK PLUS FOOD: PIZZA Lots of types: Margarita, Neapolitan, Cheese, Meatlovers etc ALL FOR ONLY 1300yen….what a bargain!!!!!!!!!! AND we will provide … Continue reading “HAWAIIAN 1300yen ALL YOU CAN DRINK, WITH PIZZA#3”