Osaka Karaoke Night #95 :START AT 6pm!!

Osaka Karaoke Night #95

JUST FOR THIS EVENT We will START AT 6pm (yes 6pm)…THE Karaoke EVENT WILL BE FROM 6pm~9pm…AFTER PARTY (9pm~) celebrate you will go to a bar after (with free shots) and go to a club (largest club in Osaka called “Giraffe” free entry, just buy a drink”.

Karaoke Night/カラオケナイト#95

03/22/2019 Karaoke Night was canceled.

03/22/2019 Karaoke Night was canceled.

Sorry everyone…the host is very sick so we have to cancel the event….see you next Friday!!! We are sorry to inconvenience you:(
すみませんですが、今夜のホスト病気になったので、イベントできなくなりました:( ほんとうに失礼しました。又来週ですね。

Karaoke Night/カラオケナイト#95

A look back at our 2018

Andy : Poor CEO (All Event / Event Manager)
Anas : Pious Believer (All Event)
Kaori : Queen of Geek (All Event / Media Relations Manager)
Allen : Muscular Singer (Karaoke Party / Pub Crawl)
Tess : Beautiful Lioness (Pub Crawl)
Markus : Lady-killer (Pub Crawl)
Joshua : Englishman in Osaka (Pub Crawl)
Jessica : Passionate Latina (Pub Crawl)
James : Karate Fighter (OMG)
Shogo : Workaholic Dancer (OMG)
Rutti : Cool American (Backstreet Osaka Tours)
Cecilia : Emerging Designer (Office Manager)

Let’s make this new year a great one!

08/04/2017 Friday Krazy Karaoke Night #15 …33ppl…a blast!!!

Thanks everyone for coming to OPPLE`s Karaoke night!

This is a very popular international party…everyone is welcome to join us every Friday.We guarantee fun or your money back!!

We will be at a fantastic International bar called Domus in the centre of Shinsaibashi!! Any questions please ask:) 

↓↓↓Check it out. Let’s have fun with us!!↓↓↓

Karaoke Night/カラオケナイト#16

06/16/2017 Karaoke Night

EVERY FRIDAY we have an international gathering of terrible karaoke “singer”. The worse the better Hahahah. It’s just for fun!!:) 毎週金曜日に外国人と日本人と集めて、最低の歌手探してみます(笑)もちろん一番ひどいは無料のドリンクもらいます。はははは。皆参加してください