A look back at our 2018

Andy : Poor CEO (All Event / Event Manager)
Anas : Pious Believer (All Event)
Kaori : Queen of Geek (All Event / Media Relations Manager)
Allen : Muscular Singer (Karaoke Party / Pub Crawl)
Tess : Beautiful Lioness (Pub Crawl)
Markus : Lady-killer (Pub Crawl)
Joshua : Englishman in Osaka (Pub Crawl)
Jessica : Passionate Latina (Pub Crawl)
James : Karate Fighter (OMG)
Shogo : Workaholic Dancer (OMG)
Rutti : Cool American (Backstreet Osaka Tours)
Cecilia : Emerging Designer (Office Manager)

Let’s make this new year a great one!

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🍷🍾100ppl END OF YEAR WINE NIGHT BOAT PARTY(Free club Entry)/ワインボートパーティ&ナイトクラブ🍾🍷

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END OF YEAR WINE NIGHT BOAT PARTY & Free club Entry/ワインボートパーティ