HALLOWEEN Party Night 2017 in Osaka Discount Ticket Now on Sale/※This party finished a success

Halloween party osaka 2018


This party finished a success!

10/28/2017 Halloween Pub Crawl!


LAST CALL GIRLS AND GUYS!!! It’s the HALLOWEEN OSAKA PUB CRAWL!! Expecting over 150 people to join us on crazy night out:) 
Cash prizes for best dressed!!!!! Ohhhh yeahhhh:) 
皆さん、早く決めてね~。このHalloween party は150人参加予定です!英語話さなくても大丈夫:)大阪で一番面白いハロウィンパーティに参加しよう!!

⭐️Discount ticket now on sale!🌟

□ 男性/Guys:¥1800 (前売り券・Advance) ・ ¥2300 (当日券・Door)  
■ 女性/Girls : ¥1300 (前売り券・Advance) ・ ¥1800 (当日券・Door)   
□  20% 割引チケット(リンク)

Online Purchase:  http://ptix.co/2j5Ueje


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