Massive Australia Day Pub Crawl

01/27/2018 Massive Australia Day Pub Crawl

I’m Aussie so I’ll show you how to party………Aussie style:)  

Expecting 70~100 people for this EPIC event!!! Please join us….everyone is welcome. Remember 90% come alone….but leave with many new friends:)


Osaka Pub Crawl /国際交流パーティ#117


11/23/2017 Thanks Giving Roast Turkey Dinner/ローストターキーディナー

Traditional American Thanks Giving Roast Turkey Dinner/サンクスギビングローストターキーディナー

Everyone, thanks for coming:)
Did you enjoy it?


Next food party is…

Traditional American Christmas Roast Turkey,Mash Dinner & Veges/トラディショナルクリスマスディナー

HALLOWEEN Party Night 2017 in Osaka Discount Ticket Now on Sale/※This party finished a success


This party finished a success!

10/28/2017 Halloween Pub Crawl!


LAST CALL GIRLS AND GUYS!!! It’s the HALLOWEEN OSAKA PUB CRAWL!! Expecting over 150 people to join us on crazy night out:) 
Cash prizes for best dressed!!!!! Ohhhh yeahhhh:) 
皆さん、早く決めてね~。このHalloween party は150人参加予定です!英語話さなくても大丈夫:)大阪で一番面白いハロウィンパーティに参加しよう!!

⭐️Discount ticket now on sale!🌟

□ 男性/Guys:¥1800 (前売り券・Advance) ・ ¥2300 (当日券・Door)  
■ 女性/Girls : ¥1300 (前売り券・Advance) ・ ¥1800 (当日券・Door)   
□  20% 割引チケット(リンク)

Online Purchase:


10/01/2017 ESPIRITU LATINO La Primera Reunion

How was the Latino dance party? We had a blast! !

Next event is …

ESPIRITU LATINO La Primera Reunion/スペイン語言語交換#2

08/30/2017 PING PONG & CHAT/卓球ナイト #48

08/30/2017 pingpong in Nanba

Thanks to everyone that came last night!!! Over 30 people BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN hahaaha

Tell me this wasn’t amazing!!
50% Foreigners 50% Japanese 
50% Guys 50% Girls
50% Red cloth 50% Not red
50% Glasses 50% No glasses 
50% Cool 50% Awesome 50% Super
0% Good players 100% NO COMMENT

See ya next Wednesdayyyy:)



PING PONG & CHAT/卓球ナイト #49

08/04/2017 Friday Krazy Karaoke Night #15 …33ppl…a blast!!!

Thanks everyone for coming to OPPLE`s Karaoke night!

This is a very popular international party…everyone is welcome to join us every Friday.We guarantee fun or your money back!!

We will be at a fantastic International bar called Domus in the centre of Shinsaibashi!! Any questions please ask:) 

↓↓↓Check it out. Let’s have fun with us!!↓↓↓

Karaoke Night/カラオケナイト#16