Events at Kintetsu Ikoma Station

Gorgeous Hozanji Temple Late Afternoon Hike-Free drinks at mountain side housing もちろんこのイベントは英語話さなくていい。ハイクに興味があったら、来てください:) WE ARE STOPPING OVER AT A FRIENDS SUPER SPACIOUS PLACE (WHICH HAS 2 BALCONIES) HALF WAY UP THE MOUNTAIN!!!!!  THIS PLACE IS ONLY 20 MINUTES FROM NAMBA STATION IN CENTRAL OSAKA!!!! VERY NEARBY:) EVERY PERSON WHO HAS COME TO THIS PLACE HAS SAID … Continue reading “Hozanji Temple Hike/宝山寺ハイキング”

🍁Gorgeous Hozanji Temple Hike(Inclu drinks at Mt side property, Lunch on Mt)/生駒宝山寺紅葉ハイキング🍁 ===== EVERYONE, WE HAD TO CHANGE “Minoh Katsuoji Maple Leaf Hike/箕面勝尾寺紅葉ハイキング” CAUSE IN MINOH THERE ARE 3 LANDSLIDES!!!!! SO WE WILL GO TO IKOMA AND SEE THE AUTUMN LEAVES!!! Im sorry for the inconvenience:( 先月の台風の影響で箕面のハイキング・コース中三ヶ所で土砂崩れがありました。”Minoh Katsuoji Maple Leaf Hike/箕面勝尾寺紅葉ハイキング” は残念ながら中止します。 が、しかし!生駒宝山寺の山へハイク変更します。この場所の紅葉もすげ~よ:) ===== THIS … Continue reading “Gorgeous Hozanji Temple Hike/生駒宝山寺紅葉ハイキング”

Gorgeous Hozanji Temple Hike(Include drinks)/生駒宝山寺ハイキング THIS IS A WONDERFUL SPOT ……WITHOUT THE PEOPLE!!! もちろんこのイベントは英語話さなくていい。ハイクに興味があったら、来てください:) PLEASE LOOK AT THE VIDEO BELOW TO EXPERIENCE WHAT THIS HIKE IS LIKE: HERE ARE SOME PHOTOS OF A PREVIOUS HIKE: NOTE: WE ARE SO CONFIDENT YOU WILL LOVE THIS HIKE, IF YOU DONT WE WILL RETURN YOUR MONEY!!!:) … Continue reading “Gorgeous Hozanji Temple Hike/生駒宝山寺ハイキング”