Events at Hankyu Minoh Station

🎎Katsuoji Shrine DAY Hike ( incl. Daruma doll, Lunch, Temple entry fees)/勝尾寺デイハイク🎎 Im excited to show you this great mountain hike which goes into the deep gorgeous forest to see the stunning rarely trekked paths. ….. with a short stop off at Katsuoji Temple (the 400yen entry fee IS INCLUDED in the entry price) Lets … Continue reading “Katsuoji Temple Day Hike/勝尾寺ハイキング”

🌌Night Minoh Waterfall Hike..illuminations­­!!!!!🌌 Join us on a night walk with illuminations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before getting back to work or study you need to refresh you mind, body and soul hahaah. Come with us and we’”ll make it happen:) (PIC: Night illuminations, last year was fantastic, we had 26 people come!!) Minoh waterfalls is FANATASTICALLY beautiful. BUT … Continue reading “Night Minoh Waterfall Hike..illuminations­­/箕面の滝ナイトウォーク”

🍁⛲Hike to Minoh waterfall (last hike of the year)/箕面の滝ハイキング⛲🍁 NOTE: Already 8 people have joined through other websites:) Well, Osaka has only ONE WATERFALL…and its beautiful even on a cloudy day!! and its going to be a nice sunny day  hopefully:P  Lets enjoy this walk….the last walk of the year!!!!! 紅葉の時期も一段落ついた箕面の滝ハイクが今年最後のハイキングイベントです。箕面の滝は箕面の駅から約50分歩いた山の中腹にあります。大阪屈指の紅葉の名所である北摂箕面でリフレッシュしましょう! (PIC: I’m sure you’ll … Continue reading “Hike to Minoh waterfall / 箕面の滝ハイキング”