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GOING to this event! 0 Kyoto Pub Crawl Hawaiian Party! (SAT) 京都パブクロール ハワイアン パーティー(土) From the crazy people who brought Tokyo and Osaka Pub Crawl! Get ready to Crawl in KYOTO! This will be our 3rd official event since the big launch! Come out and party with the locals,we guarantee you’ll have a memorable night!! … Continue reading “Kyoto Pub Crawl/国際交流パーティー#3”

GOING to this event! 0 🐒MONKEY MT HIKE/嵐山モンキーパークハイク🐒 So im really into exploring the hidden, unknown parts of Kansai but……….. i love cheeky monkeys hahah ssoo….  we will go to a famous spot in Kansai where we will walk up a mountain to see some super cute, friendly monkeys!!! 皆さん、このイベントには英語話さなくていいよ。情報分からなかったら、教えてください:) 暑さも和らいだので、みんなで京都嵐山散策をしましょう!今回は人気のモンキーパークと、嵯峨野ハイクです! (PIC:  This is at … Continue reading “MONKEY MT HIKE/嵐山モンキーパークハイク”

GOING to this event! 0 🎎Dinner with a Geisha {Incl. Kimono(girls), Yukata(men)}🎎 On your dream list yeah? If you are Japanese you still probably have never been to see a geisha perform!! Too expensive right? With us its super discounted!!:) For all those foreigners, its incredible and unique to see such elegance and sophistication….one time … Continue reading “Dinner with a Geisha (Incl. Kimono)/芸者体験ナイト”

GOING to this event! 0 🎋 Tanabata Hike: Kifune/貴船七夕ハイク🎋 We will go on a 5km walk through the forest and arrive at Kifune in Kyoto to experience the meaning of Tanabata with the thousands of wishes written on pieces of paper which are then attached to the many trees in the temple grounds ( you … Continue reading “Tanabata Hike: Kifune /貴船七夕ハイク”

GOING to this event! 21+ 🐒BABY MONKEY MT HIKE/嵐山モンキーパークハイキング🐒 皆さん、このイベントには英語話さなくていいよ。情報分からなかったら、教えてください:) NOTE: This is the BEST time to go as babies are now about 2~3 months old and cheeky playing about!!!!! 今の時期は最高!猿ちゃんの子供は2~3か月歳で、よく遊んでいます:)嵐山のモンキーパークで遊んだあと、人混みを避けてネイチャーウォークをしましょう。もちろん嵐山の一番のハイライト、竹林も散策します。今の時期の嵐山はとても気持ちがいいので、日曜日の午後、ゆっくりリフレッシュしましょう。 CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO OF OUR LAST HIKE, CHEEKY BABY MONKEYS: 1. CHEEKY BABY MONKEYS: https://youtu.be/NYtn0-hSFZA 2. WIDE DEEP FOREST VIEWS https://youtu.be/rup6yfeP0V0 THESE ARE A FEW … Continue reading “BABY MONKEY MT HIKE/嵐山モンキーパークハイク”

GOING to this event! 35+ 🍁🍵Uji Tea Town & Bonsai Day Hike (Also visit Byodouin)/宇治抹茶タウン散策🍵🍁 A special, sacred, hidden gem!! This place is covered in the amazing colors of autumn!!!!! NOTE: This place is colder and thus the change occurs earlier than most places. Standing on the edge of a mountain with views to Japan’s … Continue reading “Uji Tea Town & Bonsai Day Hike/宇治抹茶タウン散策”