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GOING to this event! 0 🍁Gorgeous Hozanji Temple Hike(Inclu drinks at Mt side property, Lunch on Mt)/生駒宝山寺紅葉ハイキング🍁 ===== EVERYONE, WE HAD TO CHANGE “Minoh Katsuoji Maple Leaf Hike/箕面勝尾寺紅葉ハイキング” CAUSE IN MINOH THERE ARE 3 LANDSLIDES!!!!! SO WE WILL GO TO IKOMA AND SEE THE AUTUMN LEAVES!!! Im sorry for the inconvenience:( 先月の台風の影響で箕面のハイキング・コース中三ヶ所で土砂崩れがありました。”Minoh Katsuoji Maple Leaf … Continue reading “Gorgeous Hozanji Temple Hike/生駒宝山寺紅葉ハイキング”

GOING to this event! 0 🌉Last Red Leaves Walk (Incl. Longest wooden footbridge in Japan!!)/星のブランコ紅葉ハイキング🌉 If you like long Hikes…….this one is for you:)  This trek crosses through some amazing nature points. Amazing greenery and dense forest. Come enjoy this leisurely hike with us:)  大阪の交野にあるほしだ園地には有名な”星のブランコ”と呼ばれる木製の吊り橋があります。紅葉の名所でもあるこの”星のブランコ”を目指してデイハイクを企画しました。今年最後の紅葉ハイクです!ぜひ参加してください。  🎥  TO FEEL WHAT AN EVENT IS LIKE, LOOK AT THIS … Continue reading “Last Red Leaves Walk and Wooden Footbridge/星のブランコ紅葉ハイキング”

GOING to this event! 0 🍁⛲Hike to Minoh waterfall (last hike of the year)/箕面の滝ハイキング⛲🍁 NOTE: Already 8 people have joined through other websites:) Well, Osaka has only ONE WATERFALL…and its beautiful even on a cloudy day!! and its going to be a nice sunny day  hopefully:P  Lets enjoy this walk….the last walk of the year!!!!! … Continue reading “Hike to Minoh waterfall / 箕面の滝ハイキング”

GOING to this event! 0 🏞️Takatsuki River Side Walk/高槻摂津峡ハイキング🏞️ JR高槻駅からバスでわずか十数分のところに桜の名所である摂津峡があります。涼しい摂津峡をのんびりハイキングしながら、英語ネィティブの方達と交流しましょう! NOTE: THIS IS THE CORRECT MAP HERE…………THIS IS A VERY USEFUL GOOGLE MAPS link: http://tinyurl.com/y9vgsamr 全部のハイクには英語話さなくていいよ:) NOTE: PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME ON THE WAITING LIST AS THERE ARE ALWAYS A FEW WHO CANCEL AT THE LAST MINUTE:) Lets get up early and enjoy a leisurely walk … Continue reading “Takatsuki Riverside Walk: Refresh yourself for 2018/高槻摂津峡ハイキング”

GOING to this event! 0 🍀Ashiya Rock Gardens Trail/芦屋トレイル🍀 *このハイクには英語全然話さなくていいよ:)だいたい半分外国人と半分外国人参加するので、気にしないでください。絶対楽しむ! ※日本語は下にあります A LINK TO MANY GREAT PICTURES OF THE COURSE: https://www.facebook.com/pg/oppleosaka/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1949941031924827 So it will cold..but we will be fine with a jacket….after 15mins walk you will be warm and probably wont event need the jacket….. and you’ll chatting with new friends:) So this will be … Continue reading “Ashiya Rock Gardens Trail/芦屋トレイル”

GOING to this event! 0 🌄Spendid Nara escape (Peaceful & no crowds)/奈良若草山ハイキング🌄 We will NOT go to the busy Daibutsu (big buddha) NOR other famous spots like Todaiji Temple in central Nara: Its too busyyyy:( We will take you off the beaten path and feel the peace and harmony, amazing views and fresh air of … Continue reading “Spendid Nara escape/奈良若草山ハイク”

GOING to this event! 0 🌕✈WED EVENT:”TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE”, & ASTONISHING AEROPLANE VIEWING PARK HIKE/月食&伊丹スカイパークハイク🌕   NOTE: This location JR Itami Train station: This is a googlemaps link (only 13mins from Umeda station): https://www.google.com/maps/search/Itami+JR+Train+station/@34.7830404,135.4136985,14z/data=!3m1!4b1 Come with us to experience a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE in a great location!!! Watch the planes pass in front of your eyes … Continue reading “TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE & ASTONISHING AEROPLANE VIEWING PARK HIKE/スカイパーク伊丹ハイク”

GOING to this event! 0 ⚱️KOYA SAN- JAPAN’S LARGEST (& MOST INCREDIBLE) CEMETERY, DAY HIKE/高野山デイハイク⚱️ NOTE: Next day is a public holiday so we don’t have to rush today:) We will NOT visit a touristic, famous area. Somewhere off the beaten path. Somewhere where Japanese nor tourists have been!! The cemetery of Koya san. Not … Continue reading “KOYA SAN DAY HIKE/高野山デイハイク”

GOING to this event! 0 🐟A walk in the countryside: Koi & Goldfish farms + museum/鯉ファームウォーキング🐟 Are you fascinated by Koi as much as me? I love them and they symbolize Japan well: gracious, elegant and peaceful. We will visit a koi & gold fish farm. Note that the koi are juvenile and not fully … Continue reading “A walk in the countryside:Koi farms/鯉ファームウォーキング”

GOING to this event! 0 🍵Uji Tea Town & Bonsai Day Hike (Also visit Byodouin)/宇治緑茶タウン&盆栽デイハイキング🍵 A special, sacred, hidden gem!! Standing on the edge of a mountain with views to Japan’s home of TEA. Uji produces some of the most recognized and high grade tea in the world!!!! They use a method called “Ooishita” that … Continue reading “Uji Tea Town & Bonsai Day Hike/宇治デイハイク”