Tandoori Chicken Dinner/タンドリーチキンディナー

Event Details


✈Tandoori Chicken, Veges and Basmati Rice/タンドリーチキンディナー✈

We will have a home made Tandoori chicken with Basmati rice and vegetables. There gonna be two Tandoori. a spicy one and NON spicy.

The food gonna be cooked in front of you so you know is gonna be gooood!!! 🙂

❂ You get at least 2 medium plates of Tandoori Chicken, veges and rice.

❂ 1 drink of your choice.

❂ 1 free shot (free non alcoholic drinks available but small shot sized glasses)

❂ Chance to win one of many free drinks of your choice or non alcoholic beverages

❂ A chance to witness a lemming if you drink too much:P

❂ Free entry into an awesome nightclub!!

Thursday 7:30pm~10:00pm

Domus by DS cafe
1-7-18 Nish-Shinsaibashi. Choo-ku Osaka City Osaka · Osaka

1500yen for ladies and gents.

❂ The price includes a drink of your choice.

❂ If you didn’t make a reservation we can’t assure you that we will have enough for you. So tell us that you’re coming so we get ready for ya 🙂

❂ No need for your chewing teeth cuz it’s gonna melt in your mouth. No need for chopstick cuz the rice is not sticky!!!!!!!!!!!!

❂About 20 people

❂ Usually up to the age of 35 years old but we always get at least a few over 50y.o. and a few cheeky 18 years old who try to sneak in:P

❂We get a good mix of Japanese, foreigners, travelers, students, business people, couples, singles, regulars and new comers:)

❂Our other attendees are super genki and friendly people. Have a drink and you`ll be part of THE team….our team:) Our staff always make an effort to introduce the quieter ones to others so its all good. Just relax and let it flow.

❂ Come and practise the language your learning. Everyones here to help:) Just have a go and you will probably surprise yourself!!

CONTACT: Dont hesitate to message or call ANYTIME. Anas: https://www.facebook.com/vixo.voltest

WAITING LIST: Almost always at least 4 or 5 people have an urgent matter to attend so please go on the waiting list if now there are no availabilities. Most likely a position will open up:)

Lets have an awesome night out together!!!!

“Eat, Drink, Mingle, Make new friends, and Cause a little mischief”