PING PONG & CHAT/卓球ナイト #103

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🏓PING PONG & CHAT #103 Winners get a free drink:)/インターナショナルピンポンパーティ🏓

PLEASE SEE ALL THE PEOPLE COMING ON OUR NEW WEBSITE(we have at least 25 people ALWAYS coming EVERY week): You CAN’T play ping pong well? You wanna chat and make new friends? Well…. This is the perfect Osaka Party for you:P

You CAN’T play ping pong well? You wanna chat and make new friends? Well…. This is the perfect Osaka Party for you:P

This is more of a relaxed chat with a hit of Ping Pong Powwww~~~ or as some of you call it table tennis. Its a language exchange with energy, excitment and laughs!!







英語はなさなくていいけど、もし英語に興味があったら、恥ずかしがらないで、しゃべってみて (半分お客様は外国人)。



連絡先: 日本語大丈夫 Andy. フェースブックは



BREAKING THE ICE!!!:) Thats what a lighthearted ping pong game does:)

WE HAVE THIS EVENT EVERY WEDNESDAY at a fantastic international bar in the centre shinsaibashi…2 mins walk from Shinsaibashi Station.

I have done over 600 international parties in Osaka ranging from food, BBQs, All you can drink, walking tours, weekend getaways, camps, overseas group trips etc…….. BUT this is the best as table tennis is the key to breaking the ice. Japanese people are shy, but this opens them up!!!

AND its only 500yen.

We will have 3 tables and 1 beer pong table (3 INTERNATIONAL SIZE tables so even if you are bad, like me, you can hit the ball in hahaha)

From 7pm till 8:30pm we will just have a relaxed hit and mingle with everyone.
At about 8:30 I will pair everyone up into similar level pairs and we will have a friendly competition

and the winners get a drink of their choice:)

Every paired team has a chance to win!!!!!!

ATTENDANCE FEE参加費: 500yen per person (with a chance to win FREE drinks of your choice!!)

REMEMBER: Many people will come for the first time so please have a chat with everyone and make them feel welcome. Most new people are very nervous when they first come!! Lets help them out and make them have an EPIC time:)

IMPORTANT YOUTUBE LINK: This is the final where 2 teams go for victory (and win FREE drinks of your choice) …..but nobody is really serious about winning.All for FUN!!!:)

Ask me (Andy) on Facebook:

See you thereee
Cheers, Andy 😛