Events: 16th September 2018

GOING to this event! 0 🍇Mysterious Monolythic Rocks & Grape Picking/飛鳥散策&グレープ食べ放題🍇 本当、英語話さなくていいです。いつも半分日本人のお客様です。よろしくお願いします。 SEE THESE PICS TO GET AN IDEA OF THE BEAUTY OF THIS PLACE: PLEASE VIEW OUR VIDEOS 1. A rock sculptured more than 1500years ago: 2. Grape picking in a vineyard: Asuka is a village nestled among the hills of the Nara……Though … Continue reading “Mysterious Monolythic Rocks & Grape Picking/飛鳥散策&グレープ食べ放題”