Events: 3rd June 2018

GOING to this event! 0 🌲The Beauty of Ishikiri – Trail Hike. (15min from Namba)/石切ハイキング🌲 NOTE: PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME ON THE WAITING LIST, THERE ARE ALWAYS 3 or 4 PEOPLE WHO SUDDENLY CANCEL) このハイクに英語話さなくていいよ。森楽しみましょう:)質問あれば、絶対聞いてください。 Refresh your mind on this breathtaking walk up the mountain ranges separating Nara and Osaka prefectures!!! This historic place is … Continue reading “The Beauty of Ishikiri – Trail Hike/石切ハイキング”

GOING to this event! 0 🌳 3 Tasty International Style Egg 🍳 Sandwiches🌞 Picnic /サンドイッチ・サンデーピクニック🌳 🌳 CHECK OUR FACEBOOK PAGE for an idea here: Beside enjoying picnic with Awesome people why would you eat egg sandwiches? Because the picture says so 😛 Nah— A picnic without sandwiches feels empty. Normal egg sandwiches are just … Continue reading “3 Tasty International Style Egg Sandwiches Picnic /サンドイッチサンデーピクニック”