Events: 14th April 2018

GOING to this event! 0 DRAW ON ME PARTY! (SAT) ドローオンミー・パーティー(土)/大阪国際交流パーティ パブクロールおなじみのドローオンミーパーティへようこそ!!字が書ける服を着て来てね!古いTシャツや安い白シャツ、紙を貼り付けてもホワイトボードをくっつけても何でもOK! 会場でも100円でTシャツをご用意しています。 みんな飲んで踊ってマーカー持ってお絵かきし合おう!変なメッセージや褒め言葉や、電話番号やラブレターも書いちゃえ! Then we hand out markers, and all the participants drink, dance, and write all over each other with funny messages, flirtations, compliments, phone numbers, ANYTHING!!! Lots of fun, (but you don’t have to participate in the draw on me portion if … Continue reading “Osaka Pub Crawl /国際交流パーティ#128”

GOING to this event! 0 🍀Osaka Multilingual Gathering (OMG). 3 HUGE Groups at POOL SEPT!! #22🍀 日本語下にございます EXPECTING ABOUT 150~170 people:) We get this number on average every month!! ITS AN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE EXCHANGE. WE have 8 MULTILINGUAL STAFF (ALL prolific language speakers, trilingual or better) who assist YOU to learn your chosen language!!!:) WE … Continue reading “Multilingual Party/多言語交換#22”