Events: 7th April 2018

GOING to this event! 0 🌸 Cherry Blossom Walk (Expo park fee included) /万博公園お花見ウォーク🌸 We have to come here. Its ALWAYS rated one of the best spots to see Cherry blossoms:) WE CANT FORGET BANPAKU PARK DURING THE CHERRY BLOSSOM SEASON!!! Im sure youve been there BUT Im sure on my tour guide I will … Continue reading “Cherry Blossom Walk (Expo park fee included)/万博公園お花見ウォーク”

GOING to this event! 0 🍹🌸Cherry Blossom Boat Cruise Party/大阪道頓堀お花見クルーズ🌸🍹 NOTE: COMPLETE INFORMATION COMING SOON. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED JUST PRESS “GOING”…..IF YOU DECIDE TO CHANGE YOUR MIND WHEN THE COMPLETE INFO IS UP, JUST TAKE YOUR NAME OFF:) EASYYY. Check these photos to get an idea of our boat parties: TO EXPERIENCE WHAT ONE … Continue reading “Cherry Blossom Boat Cruise Party/お花見クルーズパーティ”

GOING to this event! 0 400円 Language Exchange #70 (Includes all you can drink!!) Your hosts today will be: *Andy (Half Australian, Half Japanese, Native English, PRETENDS to be fluent in Japanese, Upper level Spanish, and God knows what other languages he could speak hahahaa) “Might be half Australian, but crazy level is 100% Aussie … Continue reading “Language Exchange/言語交換#70”

GOING to this event! 0 CHERRY BLOSSOM PARTY!(SAT) 花見パーティー(土)/大阪国際交流パーティ ついに桜の季節がやってきた!いつもの仲間と花見した後は、東京パブクロールで飲んで温まろう!日本の文化を外国人にも教えて、この春は世界中に友達を増やそう! It’s Cherry Blossom season, So come join our special event! Go see the beautiful trees in the morning! Then come party with us at night! We promise you and epic time! 皆さん、大阪で一番フレンドリーな国際交流パーティーへようこそ!私たちは、3つか4つのバーやクラブに行きます。最後の目的地はいつもクラブです。沢山の人と出会いお喋りするのにとても良いチャンスですし、もちろん踊ったり飲んだりも十分に出来ます。いつも40人から60人の楽しくて陽気な人が参加しています。 さあ、パーティーの準備を! Everyone is welcome to come along on this “group bar tour” around … Continue reading “Osaka Pub Crawl /国際交流パーティ#127”