Karaoke Night/カラオケナイト#16

Event Details Date: 08/11/2017 7:15 PM – 10:15 PM Venue: Domus by DS cafe Categories: Karaoke, カラオケ Tags: Foreign Bars, Foreign Pubs, International Parties, Japanese Culture, karaoke, Language Exchange, Party Are you going to the event?GOING (24)with FRIEND (5) 🎶🎤Karaoke Night #16. Terrible singers wanted!! hahaha🎤 OFFICIALLY OSAKAS LARGEST KARAOKE PARTYYYYY:)   金曜日の夜は、心斎橋のインターナショナルなバーでカラオケはどう!? 日本人、外国人、日本の歌、外国の歌、みんなで歌って楽しもう! I know what your … Continue reading Karaoke Night/カラオケナイト#16